Player designed items?

Been chatting on IRC about not seen any sabre or any other suitable sword in game (aside from sword cane which usually don’t have a crossguard and knifes which is too short). And hats. Not quite enough a variety of hats.
So how about letting players with certain traits to design new items (a monster hunter designs new weapons, for example) and get something special (like naming right and some fate) if their design is actually used.

It’d be a recipe for disaster. Someone would have to actually take a look at probably 1000s of designs everybody sends in when you could get free fate as a reward and lots of people would feel hurt when something is included in the game that is reasonably similar to their own idea, or that they feel is inferior to what they submitted, etc.

From the Fan-Project guidelines:

&quotThe team don’t usually read or link to fan fiction, to safeguard against the small but nuclear possibility of someone claiming we’ve used their original idea, and suing us. Just to be clear: we do not owe you anything regarding your fan works.&quot
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You can certainly request more variety of certain item types in the feedback thread though. We’re told they read that, though they never reply.

The Kickstarter for Sunless Sea had some backer reward tiers that let people design officers or even an entire island. Maybe some kind of thing like that could work, if say FBG did a charity auction and one prize to bid on was the ability to help design a new item to be sold at the bazaar.

Just having an open application for item submissions seems excessive. That kind of crowd sourced system makes more sense for a video game on Steam, where you need a 3D modeler to design artwork, where extreme decorative customization is desired.

Adding a sword would be nice though.
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I petition Mr Pages to find me a sword, named &quotThe Pen Is Mightier Than This&quot.
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I have sent in a few suggestions and always got a reply. Maybe I was just lucky but the suggestions are definitely read.

I submitted a suggestion recently about weapons in the Bazaar to the Failbetter Games team and they told me they could consider it or not.
I don’t mind either way as my input did not fell on deaf ears. I would even say it’s the most friendly customer service of a game company I met so far.
No, I was not paid to say this.