Player Avatars

So, I made a new world…

And when I created a character to play in it, I saw this:

I didn’t see anything about avatars in the roadmap. Do we have the ability to affect what avatar is being shown here, and if not, is that feature coming?

Yes, please, I’d love to know as well. Currently I’m using a MajorLateral sidebar photo as the “avatar” for the character, so it was a bit funny to see another one suddenly on top of it (different gender, too). I assumed it would be the universal account avatar, but your character’s name is beside it (not your account name) so I’m confused as to what it is, really.

Thirding this; even being able to just set the avatar to one of the icons would be amazingly helpful.



We’ve talked about player and/or character avatars, and they’re definitely something we’d like to do. But we’ve got a lot on and the details will need working out, so they’re not going to happen imminently. We’ll let you know when we’ve got more of a plan for them.

Oh, well then, could you at least make them not gender specific for the time being? The Monograph icon has too much detail (as much as I love it) because it’s not okay for all players to be automatically assumed to be male, especially since I’m a woman myself.

You have a fair point. We’ll sort something out.

Funny; I thought it was androgynous. =) Funny how that works.

If possible, I would love a way to take the avatar off my game, mostly because the character isn’t a person. Apologies if I’ve missed an explanation of how to do this somewhere else!


Or to lock the avatar into one specific portrait or set of portraits.

More than the gender (I can’t un-see it, sorry!), I’m using Monograph for an Asian period piece that would never use hair cuts like that, and definitely never for women. So really, the more generic it is, the better. Which I hate to say, because it’s pretty. But it clashes terribly for anything other than a specific setting and, in my eyes, a certain gender.

I second the request to just toggle the avatar off, or turn it into the symbol again.

Edit: The Monograph avatar appears to have changed! I am very grateful, and also very sorry to those who enjoyed it and fell into its target audience. But it can now better serve more worlds and players. Thanks for listening, Failbetter team.
edited by Aleema on 10/11/2012

We’ve changed the default portrait to be the Nex symbol for now.

Thank you so much, Nigel!

I’m not in anyway against avatars, I think they’re great. But for now, the more generic icon is perfect. :-)