Pirate Steam-Pinnaces?

Has anyone noticed a drop in the spawn rate of Steam-Pinnaces near London since the update this morning? Or is it just me? I was running a brisk business plundering those things for 100 Echoes; now I can only seem to find them further away from the docking point.

Also, the drop from 100 Echoes to 50 Echoes for successfully sending them back to London = boo. Boooooo. More balanced and reasonable and smart, I will grant, but boooooo.

I understand, even if I hate it. I was majorly abusing that, doing a circuit of about 3 every time going FL—>Tomb-Colonies —>Phosphogene—>Hunters Keep—> FL with extremely low Terror gain and about ~200 echoes profit each run. Not great money, but reliable enough if you have high Mirrors/Iron.
edited by friendshipranger on 7/6/2014

On the plus side, the same situation shows up in later ports, with enemies who give way way better rewards. Just gotta get out of doing the early game loop ASAP.