Pirate Poet Release Date?

Just a quick query, wasn’t really present much during the kickstarting of Sunless Sea (or i would have thrown my money at the screen ASAP) so i missed out on the Corsair rank backing bonus of the Pirate Poet DLC but it’s been almost an entire year since then and with the upcoming Zubmariner update coming, I’m wondering when the Pirate Poet will be available for non-kickstarters? I know it was supposed to be exclusive for about 6 months, but we are well past that mark, I wouldn’t mind paying for it, just want to know when. Thanks for the answers (haven’t read through the forums much so if this has been answered, don’t slap me around, just point me in that direction) Just getting tired of seeing the questline for it there, like the mention at Gaider’s Mourn and having absolutely zero ability to do anything about it. It’s just a tantalizing tease with no payoff, how cruel.
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I’ll add that I’d be quite willing to fork over money for all the juicy SS content (cladery heart etc.) Maybe make it a package together with Zubmariner?

Last time they said anything about this subject, it was that they were waiting until -all- kickstarter exclusive content was released before they would start the 6 month timer. Surgeon’s Child was just released towards the end of February, so march, april, may, june, july, august- That would make October be the earliest they would do it for the exclusivity as described (even if specific content bits have been out earlier). Its interesting to note that Zubmariner is scheduled for release in October.

My gut says perhaps they will release the DLC at the same time as Zubmariner, and that way it will be released at a time when the game is getting the most publicity and attention. It’s the most logical time, and it fits with their stated 6 months schedule to a tee. So I’d check back around then. However, that said, it does sort of feel like the SS dlc has been in limbo forever. Sunless Sea is just over 1 year old now, and 1 year is like, forever in game years haha.

Surgeon’s Child - that one’s completely new to me! So how many different Kickstarter-exclusive stories were there after all?

Surgeon’s Child is the Caldery Heart storyline.
Then there’s the Pirate Poet story as mentioned in the thread title.
The Parabolan Panther might count as it has a few small story snippets, but its not like a major storyline.
And finally there’s the Dadd Wing, which was released at Hallowmas.

If you count the Silver Tree kickstarter, there was the Temple Club and the bitter saker falcon stuff too, but I don’t think FBG has said if they will ever release any of that content for general sale.
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I hope it is all released for general purchase at some point. I still haven’t thrown everything I own at FBG yet and would like more opportunities to do so.

Didn’t know there was quite so much Kickstarter Exclusivities floating around, just been a long time since new stories were added to the game in general (last one was Rose Market clear back in February) though I understand Zubmariner is taking total attention. Can’t wait for it to arrive soon enough. I’m still banking on kickstarter dlc available at that time too. I had thought it being released with Zubmariner would be the best bet. We’ll see when it rolls around I suppose.

It’s not looking likely that it will be released with Zubmariner…

The Cladery Heart storyline hasn’t even been released for Sunless Sea yet, just the segment in Fallen London.

Zubmariner is supposed to be released next month. Kickstarter backers are going to get the game for free, so I imagine that would count as the last of the Exclusives. One the game is out I imagine they’ll start offering the other smaller DLCs soon after.

I suspect the Cladery Heir’s storyline will show up alongside the release of Zubmariner.