I wanted to ask about philosophies[li]

I get Implacable is cold, Holmes like logic
The lack of one is a mix of unconfined, implacable and the anchoress or anything else, whatever you want

But what are the Anchoress legacy and the Unconfined method?

Anchoress Julian of Norwich: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

I believe you’re a bit wrong on this one.

Implacable method seems to be traditional deduction in its most orthodox form - needlessly cryptic, requires tremendous amount of data gathering and analysis and is profoundly strict about doing everything &quotby the book&quot - which is carefully and meticuloulsly sifting out all that doesn’t fit.
Isn’t Implacable Detective based on Ms. Marple anyway?

Unconfined method is actually close to what Mr. Holmes is known to have practised: getting infromation by any means and from any sources, occasionaly not-so-lawful endeavours, including but not limited to blackmail, theft, breaking and entering, impersonation, and so on.
However, considering his tremendous knowledge and skillfull application of induction (and, rarely, some deduction, technically carried out by some urchin hired help mostly), I believe he would definitely fit &quotYour own genius&quot category.

Anchoress legacy is something I’m barely acquainted with, so can’t add anything meaningful.
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In a long-ago interview, the Implacable Detective was confirmed to be the Neath’s Holmes-analogue, long before the honey-addled fellow on Ladybones Road was ever introduced.

As for the Anchoress, well, I’m a trifle brain-addled to describe her school right now, so I dug up an old post where I attempted to once before.

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Implacable is involved in the thorough analyzation of information and the study of specific factors and studies. This school of thought would most likely be used by those with characteristics stereotypical of detectives and Sherlock-like traits: analytical, observant to small details, rational deduction, and a focus on complex study to reach a logical truth.

Anchoress revolves around the philosophy of Julian of Norwich, famous for her commonly used quote “All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Like what Sir Frederick previously stated, she believed that evil was a product of ignorance and that the furthering of knowledge could be used to improve the lives of others. The game refers to her school of thought as mystic, sticking to a poetic, optimistic approach to study and would involve a kind and loving belief that our studies can promote a better life for everyone based on the importance of seeking out good.

The Unconfined is the idea that all knowledge should be known and the truth should be free of censor or rejection. Regardless of its impact or the purposes of its distribution, knowledge should be free to pursue and easy to obtain by those with the will to reach it. Through the limitlessness of restriction and the determination to seek it out, any and all form of truth can be known so long as they are not blotted out by the tyranny of ignorant redaction.

Your own genius is merely a lack of subscription to any one particular train of thought. The freedom to pursue any information with one’s own wit without constricting oneself into any dead-set standpoint is a key point of this philosophy. The main point behind this movement is to keep an open mind when observing a subject and (quite higher-than-thou in some of the text) denounce any other philosophy that upholds its own observed truths and knowledge, leading to a disruption of principles in other schools for the pursuit in one’s own unique nature in understanding that can be learned.