Pets and social actions

I’m new in the forum and have my four main stats at around 50. I only have the connection pet, and am wondering whether I missed something. I regularly get cards where other pets are needed, especially those that infested my lodgings a while ago (as well as a few others), but I don’t seem to find these pets. Is that normal at my level or have I missed something? The only explanation I can find is that I don’t use the social actions because I don’t have twitter or facebook, and just getting them for Fallen London doesn’t seem worth it. They seem to play a part in getting a particularly hungry beast, but are they important for any of the more interesting pets?

A few more will become available through stories as your main stats increase, but many pets can also be purchased at the Bazaar (one of the tabs at the top of the game interface.)

A few things of note. Those cards that pop up to allow you to use a pet (deshrieked mandrage, tame sorrow-spider, etc.) all use relatively cheap pets you can purchase in the bazaar. They all have one option that you can play that requires some degree of luck, and can be a decent option to use actions on at lower levels, as well as a social action that’s used on people who have NOT joined Fallen London yet. If you did have a twitter or facebook account, they’re an ok source of Certifiable Scraps, but it’s nothing worth fretting over.

I will also add that for the social actions to players who are already playing fallen london (to earn second chances, reduce menaces, share research, do interviews, etc.), you don’t need a twitter or facebook account anymore. Just need to know their in-game name.

Thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll start guessing what I won’t need in the future and visiting the singing mandrake…

I’d like to make another addition: It’s well worth your while to sell excess items (try not to sell anything you can’t readily get more of) to get echoes, and then buy equipment from the bazaar. Being able to adjust your stats will let you hit more difficult challenges earlier (basically increasing how fast you get money in the long run), and also lets you adjust your stats so you can make a challenge exactly as tough as you desire (Making them modest difficulty is optimal for leveling, and playin chess with the boatman is a special case where hitting an exact Watchful is desired). For this reason, don’t feel that you need to ONLY save up to buy the most expensive items: Start out with a few items that give +1 to stats, when you can make money a bit easier see about getting +2, and so on.

Thanks for the tips, Digger, I’ll see what I can do with them. Are you a wombat?


Worth noting: some of the +1 and +2 remain the best in their field at high level, or otherwise worth prioritising. The Gentleman’s Athletic Support, Sneak-Thief’s Mask, Masterwork Dancing Slippers - all well under a hundred echoes, all stuff you’ll carry for the rest of the game.

Rather than the gentleman’s support you may want a corsetted dress. Granted, it has no unique boost over the support, but it might mean having to switch attire less often.

Thanks for all the shopping suggestion. This thread is really changing into a help the noob, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m low on money because I just bought a pair of stylish riding boots, but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. Getting better clothes isn’t the priority right now. Through rewards, I got one (or more, but I sold the extra) of every fifty pence clothing as well as some fourth city rags, so I can always change into something appropriate. But a greater choice when it comes to hats and shoes would be good, so I thank you for your suggestions in that area.

Urthdigger, moles are nice also. Not quite as nice as wombats, though. Especially the wombat that goes by the name of Digger (Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, to be precise). But it’s not your fault that you weren’t born a wombat.
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[quote=Loon]Urthdigger, moles are nice also. Not quite as nice as wombats, though. Especially the wombat that goes by the name of Digger (Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, to be precise). But it’s not your fault that you weren’t born a wombat.
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I am quite fond of Digger. Especially the way she dealt with the hyenas. I would like to point out, however, that I came first (Been using this character for around 12 years now)

By the way, could I have your in-game name? I’d like to send you some nice things :)
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Oh, that sounds good. My in-game name is Krawald. Perhaps I should have used the same one for the forum… I tried to add you to my friends list, but the site seemed to be bugging. Your in-game name is Urthdigger, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, I’ve managed to add you. Expect a gift, of sorts.

Thank you! I don’t know the use of this yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out in due time…

Answers will come in due time. I will say this: I have started you down a most horrible and dark path, one that will cost you plenty. There is no grand reward at the end of that rabbit hole, save for satisfying one’s curiosity. Seek it at your own pace, when you feel ready. Do know this, however: People usually jump through many hoops just to get started on the path. I have done you a favor, albeit a dark and most bitter one :)

Thank you for your second chances. They will be put to good use. I wish I could repay you for your generosity in some way, but since you seem to be much further along the game, I don’t know how.

You’ve already helped me in a few ways, whether you realize it or not. I’m at a point in the game where I do not need much, but partners are always useful. Everything I send you usually has something good in store for me as well :)

Then it’s all good! That game is well built, if helping others also helps oneself (well, not with the nightmares, but it can’t always be that way.)

The menace reductions (and one or two options for duping someone with some storylets) are the only ones that are detrimental to one party. However, with the menace reductions it’s common for people to trade: You send one to them, and in return they send one to you. This costs both of you 2 actions in total, and removes a total of 4 CP of that menace, for 2 CP an action. For all except wounds, that’s actually rather efficient considering it doesn’t cost anything (except nightmares, but sudden insights aren’t difficult to come by)