Personal Goal Completed: The Sepcebound Author

Really excited to have completed this goal.

Eventually plan on getting 7 of each short story.

In case the picture isn’t displaying I have made seven of each book possible in Empress’ Court and 7 of each research book.
edited by maleclypse on 10/17/2016

You’re a good author, but you’ve been terribly unoriginal recently. All your new books seem like duplicates of your earlier work!

Good lord. How long did that take?

Congratulations! I regret rushing out the court in my desire to be a PoSI for my literary achievements. I foolishly assumed I would be able to return, as both the story seemed to imply it and it looked like it mirrored the university (which I also didn’t complete to my satisfaction). I miss being able to write things of significance. Good luck with the short stories, you’re gonna need at least 14 trade secrets.
edited by Amsfield on 10/28/2016

I think the plan is that you will be able to return at some point. You can, after all, do some other stuff that the guy promised.

That is quite a nice goal there! Good luck with the higher tier short stories, they’re pretty hard to write.

( Also, the image will show if you replace your link with )
edited by Fluby on 11/3/2016

Well done! We seem to have similar goals going, though I’ve only the sevens of the Empress’ Court ones as yet.