PC Crash: Save Corrupted

My battery died on me and corrupted my save file today; after a series of deaths this was my first long term sucessful character. It made me wonder why there isn’t some form of save backup of another autosave hidden away in the game files for exactly this kind of situation. WIth the game saving so often when in a port, it seems Sunless Sea is more prone to save file corruption than most other games due to its one save file system.

I didn’t start this post to argue against the concept of a single save rougelike, but having just got myself a cargo ship and upgraded it with the top level weapons/light/engine and actually exploring a decent chunk of the map (which I’d been looking forward to for ages) I’m really not looking forward to restarting. Grinding until I can actually enjoy the story/explore again seems fairly pointless since there’s nothing stopping this from happening again.

Does anyone have any advice about manually backing the a save file (not checked if one or multiple files are needed), or editting it to get back where I was? All the other posts about corrupt saves don’t really have much information.

Thanks :D
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edited by Atomic on 3/15/2015

Manual backing up is easy enough - just duplicate the Autosave file in the /saves directory.

Okay, good to know. I wasn’t sure if there was another file with the world data you needed to save too, cheers :)
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Hi Atomic,

Could you submit a bug report about this issue to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com? There should be a backup save file, so something must have gone wrong.

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Okay I sent a bug report with the output file and the dud save (ik its not asked for but just in case its useful), Thanks for the replies and everything, really enjoying the game.
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