I seek either of the four patrons. On that note, can a player take multiple patrons (one for each of the four stats) or just one at a time?

You can have multiple patrons, but it is not efficient (you only get 5 free evenings for lessons. 5 lessons spread across 4 different patrons a week isn’t ideal).

I’ll help you out, just post your account name. As a Paramount Presence, I can train any of the 4 stats with the lessons.

[Edit] I sent out an invitation to &quotDaniel Denham&quot which I am assuming is you. Feel free to respond if interested.
edited by The Curious Watcher on 2/27/2022

wrong username, so didnt go through. Use Palumatzu

EDIT: I didnt realise using the FirstnameLastname fields in profile would affect how you’re displayed in forums. my bad.
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Right, thank you for the Patronage!