Patron? Patron! (Which I require.)

No different than the topic names claims, I require a patron! Not only that, but if you could all do me the kind favor of explaining how exactly having a patron even works. Do the skills just start developing over time? Is it by actions? Is the higher their skills the higher yours will rise? And so on.

I believe a post has already been made for this purpose.

As I understand it, patrons (who are level 200 [the level cap] and have chosen a specialization) can initiate social actions to boost the stats of their proteges (until the protege reaches level 100). (in return for substantial making waves I think?). It is currently quite difficult to get a patron, as it appears that there are many more people below level 100 than people at level 200.

Skills develop via social action. The Patron sends an invite, and if it is accepted, both lose a free evening and gain a second chance of the appropriate type, and the student gains at least one skill level (possibly more if their stat is really low) while the patron gains some Making Waves.