Patch Notes - (15/02/19)

[color=#9966ff]Build Version: Bug fix update -
Release Date: 15/02/19[/color]

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[color=rgb(153, 102, 255)]Bug fixes[/color]

  • [color=#9966ff] The close button on the bazaar interface is now aligned correctly.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The denominator is now visible in the bazaar and shop interfaces on 4k monitors.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Direction tokens now display correctly in tooltips and quality results.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The hinterlands of Lustrum hold many hazards, but invisible rocks near Salomé’s Fall are no longer among them.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The bazaar interface will now correctly display cargo capacity after the player fulfils a prospect.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The tutorial hint for reaching maximum hold capacity now fires when it should.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] A level up indicator is once again displayed on the captain’s portrait when they are ready to select a new facet.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Closing the centre panel will no longer cause the game to freeze temporarily after loading a save.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Having a stat above 100 no longer prevents captains from using locomotive equipment.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Dodging will no longer cause the player to take damage when attempted at the exact moment the locomotive overheats.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The engineyard interface now updates when cargo is jettisoned.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Qualities you no longer possess are now not displayed on the possessions and profile panels, instead of being displayed with a level of zero.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Scrolling now works properly on the chart interface when using a 4k monitor and at the outskirts of a region.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The opening animation will no longer repeat if you die before character creation.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The Horror icon has been removed from the Well of Wonders.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Titania’s special prospects now provide more suitable rewards.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Area names no longer overflow the area list on centre panels.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Movement instructions at the beginning of the game now mention cruise control.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The escape key once again closes the options menu while on the title screen.[/color]

Controller fixes
[/color][ul][li][color=#9966ff] Controller prompts no longer appear on interfaces when no gamepad is connected.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] There is now an appropriately located controller prompt for re-opening the centre panel while docked.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Focus is now maintained on the tutorial interface.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Tooltips are now displayed on the character progression interface.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] A feedback message is now given when attempting to equip officers and items while not docked.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Trying to equip an item without meeting its stat requirements now results in appropriate feedback.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Locomotive slot highlighting for equipped items is now clearer.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] It is now possible to cancel out of equipping an item.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Interacting with interfaces after closing the chart will no longer sometimes cause your scout to set forth.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Closing side panels will no longer remove focus from a centre panel.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] It is now possible to jettison items more than once while outside of ports.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Pressing B within story branches to view branch requirements no longer closes the centre panel.[/color][/li][/ul][color=#9966ff]

Content fixes
[/color][ul][li][color=#9966ff] The Clay Conductor’s storyline may now always be completed, even if it requires him to be forthright about his feelings.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The Heart-Catchers will now charge for their services.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] A Spider-Sweeper may now always sweep the well, as is proper.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Skilled captains may no longer rinse the occupants of Langley Hall for their money via repeated games of cards.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Captains will no longer accidentally stumble upon spiders at Langley Hall. Let it be known that Langley Hall is almost certainly not inhabited by spiders.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The Unseen Queen will now reliably acknowledge your victory over a foe in a clocktower.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Delivering the Sequencer’s care package to Worlebury-juxta-Mare will no longer trigger an incongruous opportunity to deliver it to London.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] If you didn’t share a moment with the Eccentric before completing her storyline, you may now do so.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Sabotaging the activities of the Parsimonious Chairman will now conclude properly and result in a suitable reward.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Temporarily backing out of a certain act when pursuing the Truth ambition will no longer make it impossible to complete.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] If Lord Rochester invites you to race to Titania, he will now actually turn up.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The New Street Line story now provides more accurate directions as to the location of someone you need to meet.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Captains who come down with a High Wilderness ailment will now always receive the one they should receive, and no other.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] It is no longer possible to impose statis on Hybras by dying at a certain point in the port’s storyline. (If this has affected your game, performing any action at Hybras will resolve the problem.)[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Backing out of your own funeral will no longer forever bar you from receiving funerary rites.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Rubbery Passengers will now only board your locomotive if you meet the requirements to convey them to their destination.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] A certain canine mascot will now wreak havoc a little less often, but also select the target of its affection with more determination.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Defeating the final champion in a certain hidden ambition will now cause your journal to be updated correctly.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Viewing the contents of a supply cache without actually taking any will no longer make you a debtor in the eyes of the Burrower Below and your crew.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Returning to the Wreck of the Boatman will now never result in incongruous messages.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] The correct number of Experimental Modifications will now be deducted when acquiring a bathysphere.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Successful mushroom foraging at Hybras will no longer give your captain food poisoning.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] Cricket matches are now a little less soothing.[/color][/li][li][color=#9966ff] As usual, many typos have been laid to rest.[/color][/li][/ul]
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[color=#9966ff]Patch Notes - (16/02/19)

[/color][ul][li][color=#9966ff] We’ve fixed an issue that was causing the journal to go blank in particular situations.[/color][/li][/ul]
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