Patch Notes - (4 Apr 2018)

[color=#9966ff]Build Version: Albion build.
Release Date: 04/04/2018[/color]
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What’s New
The High Wilderness’ second region: Albion
Albion is finally here. A whole new region for you to discover, exploit and (mostly likely) meet your untimely end in! Albion is beautiful but deadly, survival here is harder than in the Reach. Do you have what it takes to make it, or will you crawl back to the verdant green landscapes of the Reach with your smoke trail between your legs?

To access Albion you will need to travel through the Reach-Albion Transit Gate which is located not far from Port Prosper. Head in a clockwise direction from Prosper around the rim of the Reach. Once there grab yourself a travel permit at which is free during Early Access. You’ll then need a Ministry-Stamped Permit for first class travel or two Barrels of Unseasoned Hours for second class (available at various ports around the Reach including Port Prosper).

We don’t want to spoil too much as we’re keen for you to explore and let us know what you think, but in brief Albion contains:

  • Nine new ports.
  • Five new agents (Scorn-Flukes, Curators, Star-Maddened Explorers, Glorious and Deranged Dreadnoughts).
  • Six new Spectacles (have fun finding out if they are Horrors or Wonders).
  • New transient Discoveries (Weft of Unravelled Time, Squirmings, Pardoner Eels, Grim Inscriptions and many others).
  • New persistent Discoveries: Wreck of the Boatman and Well of the Wolf (which like Old Tom’s Well has a Spectacle-like Terror effect).
  • The Altani-class Outrider available at the London engineyard.
  • New equipment to boost your Quarters, Hold and Hull.
  • Equipment which grants the Assaying quality (which you’ll need for all the eels and squirmings).
  • Albion Prospects and Bargains.

  • New Discoveries in the Reach: Fragments of the past, large Bronzewood pieces and fungal infested meteoroids.
  • New quality and focus icons throughout the Reach (be aware there are still a number of placeholder quality icons in game).

    Bug Fixes
  • You can now interact with persistent discoveries more than once without having to leave and re-enter the segment.
  • Homesteads now spawn correctly in Magdalene’s and Polmear & Plenty’s segments.
  • Collision damage has now been applied to asteroids in the Magdalene’s area.
  • Qualities are now removed from the Journal once they are reset (as opposed to when they are completed).
  • We made a change so that the in-game messages near Lustrum are easier to read.
  • The venting animation on the Parzifal-class locomotives is now aligned correctly.
  • We’ve fixed the scroll on the Hold section of the bank interface.
  • The auto-docking system no longer puts a player’s locomotive at an angle.
  • You will no longer receive Hull damage when entering docks at angles.
  • The camera no longer shakes when entering docks at angles.
  • The level-up animation on locomotives is once again correctly aligned.
  • Lustrum: The Mountain Beckons now shows in the journal.
  • We’ve standardised the spelling of Dreadnought across the game.
  • The avatar tooltip no longer appears on the Character Progression screen if opened while it is displayed.
  • Crew can no longer be exceeded on the Homestead storylets.
  • We’ve cleared up the confusion with the Amenable Host when speaking to him after the death of your previous captain.
  • Hidden looting qualities now randomise correctly so you’ll see more looting opportunities for mechanical agents.
  • The Headstrong Strongwoman’s dialogue is now accurate according to whether or not her flyers need posting.
  • The Phlegmatic Researcher’s now continues to pay you for bringing him items for his private research.
  • Handing in Hybras Pus to the Phlegmatic Researchers for private research no longer moves you out of the storylet.
  • Damage to buildings at Titania from the Chorister Hive is now reported correctly.
  • We’ve corrected some typos at the Leadbeater and Stainrod Nature Reserve.

    Albion Known Issues

Below is a list of known Albion issues. For a full list of game issue see our Known Issues page.

  • The Interact prompt appears over the top of the transit gates once activated.
  • Prospects are available at the Avid Horizon rather than bargains.
  • Worlebury label can be partly obscured with fog (depending on the segment it spawns in).
  • There’s some z-fighting near Tuxeed Point.
  • Blocking is missing on a few assets in Brabazon.
  • The headlight passes over the port/dock asset at The Royal Society (Airy House) and two asteroids in the Mausoleum segment.
  • The transit gate activation audio repeats on arrival in a new region.
  • The transit gate arrival audio is not yet in place.
  • Scorn-flukes are not muted when SFX volume is 0%.
  • The chart text does not update to say Albion when you move to that region.

As always, if you find a bug that’s not on the Known Issues page then send us a quick Bug Report.[/color]
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[color=#9966ff]Hey folks,

We are aware of a way to get stuck in the Brabazon storylet and also a regression on a previously fixed issue with the assaying device. We’re going to look at putting out a hotfix tomorrow. Please sit tight until then.[/color]
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[color=#9966ff]Hey folks, we’ve just pushed out a hotfix. Thanks for your patience while we pushed it out. Here are the fixes:

Build Version:
Release Date: 05/04/2018
Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer get stuck inside Brabazon storylets after inciting a rebellion.
  • The ‘Speciometer’ assaying device and equipment form the Royal Society now appears in your hold when purchased.
  • You can now access the Inscribed Tinkerer’s shop.
  • Sovereigns are no longer set to a value when selecting a particular branch of the Bully’s Acre storylet.
  • The Avid Horizon is no longer acting as a hub port.

N.B. Please note that we’ve had to remove the quality requirements from Royal Society equipment as they were causing an issue. We didn’t have time to alter the instructional text in the Storylets and since we intend to turn these back on at some point during development it doesn’t make sense to remove it anyway. For now enjoy the equipment without having to have the high skill levels required.[/color]
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[color=#9966ff]Greetings skyfarers, we’ve just pushed out another hotfix. Thank you for your patience. Here are the fixes:

Build Version:
Release Date: 16/04/2018
Known Issues


Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer get stuck inside a Must Event at the Clockwork Sun.
  • Player’s will no longer become trapped in a loop at Perdurance.
  • It is no longer possible to exceed Crew when looting Star-Maddened Explorers.
  • Instructional text for Officers has been updated to accurately show their skill boosts.
  • You will no longer see a duplicate branch on the The Clocks Must Run On Time Must Event.
  • Placeholder text is no longer seen at Magdalene’s in the Immersive Quarters storylet.
  • Player’s will no longer see a blank storylet when conversing with fellow captains at Leadbeater and Stainrod Nature Reserve.
  • Text now appears in all possible result messages when examining a Curator’s collection.
  • The instructional text for acquiring deathless bargains at the Mausoleum has been made clearer.
  • The Inscribed Tinkerer’s shop now becomes available on completion of her quest rather than being immediately accessible.
  • The Somber Ceramics: Crockery for the Macabre Counsellor Prospect now shows at the Most Serene Mausoleum, rather than at the Avid Horizon.
  • We’ve fixed a large number of typos and grammatical errors throughout Albion. [/color]
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[color=#6666ff]New patch notes can be found here[/color]