Patch Notes - (25 Oct 2017)

[color=#9966ff]Build Version: Legacies update.
Release Date: 25/10/2017

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Greetings Sky-Captains,

There’s a number of new features in this build for you to get your claws into. They are:

Engine Yards:
These are shops in port (currently just New Winchester) where you can purchase new locomotives. Instead of a straight purchase situation, players will be able to trade their current locomotive in towards the price of a new beauty. Be forewarned—locomotives are not cheap, and prices may change as we continue to balance the economy. Start saving those Sovereigns!

You can now store items that are taking up valuable space in your hold. Banks are available at major ports (which means just New Winchester at the moment until new Regions are released). Items stored in banks can also be retrieved by a new captain if your previous one meets their demise. To access the bank speak to the Scrubbed Clerk at New Winchester once you reach level 2.

When starting a new game you can now choose to play the Legacy or Merciful campaign.

In Legacy mode, players can start from the last major port visited by their previous captain, with their locomotive, half their sovereigns, any items stored in their bank, a percentage of their experience, and all but one piece of equipment assigned to their locomotive.

In Merciful mode, players can choose to either start with a new captain as in Legacy mode, or continue with their previous captain from their last auto-save point.

Character Creation:
This update allows players to select a character portrait, character name, what they’ll be addressed as, an origin story, their base statistics, and their chosen ambition.

As a note: Character Creation is not yet fully complete. There will be more origin stories, ambitions, and facial features will be added later on. We’d very much appreciate your feedback about which type of features you’d like to see more of/which are lacking.

There’s not as many bug fixes for existing issues with this update but that is because our focus has mostly been on developing and testing the new features in this build.

As always, if you spot a bug, please check to see if it’s a Known Issue (any workarounds are in red text) before emailing us at with details of the bug (specific info on what to include in bug reports can be found on our Bug Reporting page).

As for feedback, please let us know what you think of the new features and existing ones too at Feel free to post on the forums too, particularly on our Focused Feedback threads. Our current ones are on Terror and Economy, Progress & World Shape


  • The chart zoom now functions when the chart is accessed with a storylet open.
  • The Hull tooltip now auto-updates as soon as Bronzewood shielding is equipped. You no longer need to repair your hull or exit and re-enter the game to see the update.
  • Cruise Control can no longer be activated when you have an interface open.
  • If you gain more items than your Locomotive can carry whilst in a dock, you are now able to close the Jettison interface temporarily in order to sell items at shops, or bank them if at a hub (major) port.
  • The Hold UI now expands correctly when purchasing additional items.
  • The Main Menu can no longer be brought up on the Title Screen.

  • Agents no longer damage themselves with ranged weapons.

  • We’ve updated Titania so the Mayor won’t explain the construction options after you’ve already started building.
  • The Magician at Polmear and Plenty’s no longer sets your Sovereigns to 100 when handing in items to him.
  • You can once again attend a performance at the circus (determined by the date).
  • All options can now be seen in the Parsimonious Chairman’s offices even if you don’t meet the requirements.
  • You are now correctly awarded Favour at Victory Hall in Exile when handing in port reports.
  • Pane of Stained Glass is available to buy no matter the state of the Winchester War.
  • Rewards from the Parsimonious Chairman and Sweet Jane have been tweaked so they are in-line with each other.
  • Fuel and Supplies are now available for sale at all ports.
  • The Brendan at Hybras now disappears at the correct moment in the Hybras storyline.
  • Titanian Petals and Mandrakes can no longer be farmed for Sovereigns.
  • The Formidable Lacquerer is no longer referred to as the Formidable Onnagata.
  • Likewise the Pharonic Enthusiast is no longer referred to as the Pharonic Aficionado.
  • Several typos and grammatical errors have been fixed.

  • Dying in dock during Merciful mode will no longer cause perpetual death when loading from the last autosave.

  • We have removed some blocking at the Bronzewood trees decoration.
  • Hull is now reduced correctly when unequipping Bronzewood Shielding.
  • Crew is now reduced correctly when unequipping Cosy Cabins.
  • Crew can no longer be exceeded at The Labour Exchange.
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