Patch Notes (13 Sept 2017)

[color=#9966ff]Build Version: Early Access Bug Fix update.
Release Date: 13/09/2017

For bug reports and technical help, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.[/color]

This patch is our first update and contains a number of bug fixes, listed below. Two big issues which have not been fixed as part of this update however are the disappearing ports bug and the corrupt save file issue which leads to a black screen overlaid with the HUD.

Having looked at the code in question these bugs are not simple, quick fixes. We want to address these issues properly as we refine these particular areas of the game, especially since it also ties into the current work we are doing on Legacies. We don’t want to push out a temporary fix that may have other knock-on effects, however minor, only to have to revise again later down the line.

I know how frustrating both these issues are, so this bit of news may be disappointing. But please rest assured we are working on these issues and we’ll get solid fixes out for them as soon as we are able.

We really appreciate your continued help and support, and of course your patience as we iron out all these kinks. Your bug reports over the last fortnight have been really helpful and your feedback has been excellent. Collecting it all has been quite a mammoth task, but the first batch is ready for our designers and writers to look at.

Please keep all that feedback coming and together we’ll make an awesome game.

P.S. Please also remember to check out our Known Issues. Any workarounds are in red text.


  • We have made some improvements to the framerate.


  • Loot can now be collected from Chorister bees.
  • The Scrive-Spinsters now fire accurately towards an enemy vessel.


  • The icon for weapons now appear in the Hold when purchasing duplicates.
  • Duplicate weapons can now be equipped.
  • Equipped weapons cannot be sold.


  • Players will no longer get trapped in the Regent’s Grave storylet at Traitor’s Wood.
  • Several typos and grammatical errors have been fixed.
  • The Sovereign reward value has been boosted for many of the early quests.
  • Apollonian Cinders can no longer be farmed for Sovereigns.
  • You can no longer exceed your maximum Crew compliment by collecting miners from Lustrum.
  • Items are now removed when handing them in to Melusine at Lustrum.
  • The branches to reduce your Condition at Magdalene’s can now be seen even when you do not have the requirements to play them.
  • The Journal message now updates correctly once you have delivered a settler rather than telling you to drop them off at L&S Nature Reserve.
  • When helping the Strongwoman, Magician, Acrobat and Clown at Polmear & Plenty’s details will be shown in the Journal.


  • Overflowing the cargo hold should no longer cause the UI to lock up and prevent Must Events (e.g. Loot) from firing correctly.
  • We’ve made a number of fixes to the Jettison interface.
  • Increasing the UI scale no longers causes elements within the Profile and Possessions interface to become inaccessible.
  • Icons within the Hold interface no longer overflow the UI when increasing the UI scale.
  • The Hold UI now updates automatically when open after jettisoning cargo.
  • The Hold UI now updates automatically when open after purchasing items from shops (but not when gaining/losing items from slets).
  • You can no longer move with storylet interfaces open.
  • We’ve tweaked the way Peculiarities display on the Profile interface to reduce confusion.
  • The Hold UI now updates correctly when unequipping weapons on Linux machines.


  • Scout’s discoveries no longer persist when continuing a save game.
  • The Alexander-Yang Claim label now appears next to its graphical asset.
  • The scroll function now works on the build notes on Linux machines.
  • The cargo hold value can no longer be exceeded by selling equipped weapons.
  • Shop purchases and changes to equipped items are now saved when quitting the game from the main menu.
  • The bridge at Carillon no longer disappears when loading a save game.
  • Certain shops become inaccessible when a player no longer meets the requirements.
  • The fallen London plug no longer overlaps the patch notes on the title screen.[/color]
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