Patant Scrutinizer?

[li]My Ambition is The Heart’s Desire: The Great Game. And I ran into a rather big speed bump and I can’t seem to find or even gauge what if at all item I should buy at bazaar to find a Patent Scrutinizer any ideas Dames and Gentlemen?

You can buy the patent scrutinizer from the Bazaar tab. I believe it’s in the weapons shop (which I’ve completely forgotten the name of)

The name is Carrow’s Steel, and the price is 28.80 Echoes.

Buying from bazaar is not recommended, since you can get it for half the price - just Trade your Mourning Candles. Still, if you don’t have 25 candles, it’s ok.

But trading Mourning Candles advances the liberation of night! And he might not want that. Because some people don’t.

Trading in your candles will advance the liberation of night. Not everyone is going to want to do that, from a character perspective, or realise the implications.

Edit: beaten by 11 seconds. Drat.
edited by RandomWalker on 1/4/2015