Passing the Cat

Well, I played the game enough with my daughter that she got a Starveling Cat and didn’t want it, so she gave it to me. But now I’m still getting the Pass the Cat cards. I’m not worried about my rep with the Duchess I can always rebuild it, but I don’t like just tossing the cards. So if you want to be on a (short) list of people I will be giving boxes to as I get them, let me know in this thread. I have one card now, and first come is the first to get it. If you have a token to that rumored game (shameful as it is) of pointy-sticking-thing and tallow dip, I could use the trade.

@joy phillip i will gladly take the cats or at leased until i get a starving one, thank you.

Hi, I’m quite new to the game so I don’t really know what the cat is about (or useful for, or dangerous or…). But I do get the card from time to time. If you want me to send some your way let me know.