Passing Boxed Cats and other social action cards

I understand that more recently, various social actions are now able to be sent to other players outside of your friend list?

Did any of this extend to certain other social actions - particularly those that come up on cards, rather than those only available in lodgings.
I for one am towards the content boundary of Seeking the Name, (yes, I’m a masochist) - but getting 7 Starveling Cats for one of the later stages is proving to be a brick wall.

Many thanks.

You only need three cats!

Check the Singing Mandrake, there are some people there who will happily pass boxes on to you. If you want to pass something on to someone, you do have to add them to your friend’s list within Fallen London (manage friends), but you don’t need to use fb or twitter anymore.

You need 4 cats.

…really? I thought it was only three.


You need 4 cats.[/quote]

Alternately, you need 1 cat and 15 fate. In point of fact, you can exchange 5 fate for each cat you do not possess. Frankly, given the hassle of cat-passing, it’s a sound bargain! I would personally like an opportunity to ship a set of large crates to whomever was packing the boxes passed on to me, with each crate containing either a tiger or spider-council. Even that revenge seems to small.

If anyone would like a box send a letter to

Someone sent me a boxed cat and I now have a partially unwrapped cat. What do I do with it?

Two options: either unwrap it (very tiny chance of a Midnight Matriarch, but not unheard of) or let it sit unopened. At that stage, you can’t send it on again.

For completeness, the more common options to get are either a sorrow-spider (gives you a bit of wounds) or a regular cat (gives you some secrets). Also small chance of a starveling cat (which you would get to keep.)

Well, I didn’t want to take all the mystery out of it, you know?;)