Paramount Presence the Gamblers way

I’m looking for a fine gentleman or lass to help me ascend to the highest glory (currently available). I need plenty of sanguine ribbons (38 to go) and chess victories (69 to go), Can someone help me out and fight it out with me?

Edit: It appears I’m locked in combat with someone with no way to cancel out of it. Uh… any advice?
Edit2: Cleared. I’m now available for sparring
edited by TeslaWalker on 4/28/2018
edited by TeslaWalker on 4/28/2018

You’ll need to contact support or find a way to get the other person to finish it.

Sunnytime is also available for chess matches.

Professor Kan is also happy to match wits in chess whenever you wish. I do my best not to let invitations hang.

Fight me. I need sanguine ribbons as well.

Vinceren has actions to spare for chess or sparring!

Sorry I’ve been away for the past couple of days… It appears my thread has been moved as well. Most curious.

I am available for chess as well as my alt!