Paramount Presence speculation...

So I finally – finally! – broke down and specialized (in Dangerous, of all things) because a group of friends of mine just started playing and really wanted someone to guide them through the game. You need to specialize to literally be a patron, so I took the plunge. I’d been holding off because a) my character really is a generalist, and despite his Nemesis Ambition is more of a Persuasive/Respectable guy than anything else; and b) I’ve been wondering whether Paramount Presence would be locked to people with specialties.

Shortly after I specialized, with PP on my mind, I happened to again draw the Notability card that let you burn a large amount of it for base stats that exceed the cap, and I wondered: has anyone got all four of their base stats to 215? It’s not possible via that card at the moment, right, because you can’t undo a specialization – but I’m willing to bet that’s the mechanism. That once you can switch specializations, you’ll need to max out Notability four times to max out your stat caps, and then get the card once more to choose the currently Impossible! &quotmore rarefied&quot option.

The “more rarified roles” option quite possibly refers to Tier 5 professions since one is Laocoonian matching the text fragment.

nod That makes sense. Although it seems a little odd that the Notability requirement would be so low, comparatively.

More speculation here:

goes back on librarian sabbatical

It isn’t necessarily the requirement for taking whatever options are at the redirect’s destination. Those with Tier 2 or 3 professions can see the next tier from An Unsigned Message without yet having the Notability necessary; the visibility is limited only by current profession.