I feel like an idiot writing this, but how to you insert paragraph breaks into descriptions ? Whenever I add them, on playtesting they have disappeared and my text is a single block. But I’ve seen other stories where people have them. Is it my browser ? Is it me ? What’s going on here ?

You need to use HTML tags; the bit under Text Formatting (section 7) in the Manual discusses text formatting on storylet branches, but the information seems to hold for which ones you can use in descriptions. I don’t know if that’ll change when the ability to use HTML markup in storylets changes.

Note that I’m basing this off my “Wait? You can do that? type type type …you can do that!” experimentation as of five minutes ago, but I find that while the {p} and {strong} tags work normally, the {em} tag seems to be being parsed to include a {br} tag. So if you’re trying for

[quote]Claws and teeth, fur and sinew.

This reflects your speed, strength, and physical prowess.[/quote]

then you may end up getting

[quote]Claws and teeth, fur and sinew.

This reflects your speed,
, and physical prowess.[/quote]

Just to let you know that if that happens to you, it’s not just you browser. (Although if it doesn’t happen to you, it might be just me… I’m using Firefox FWIW.)

(Also, you’re not an idiot; the ability to use HTML in Quality descriptions isn’t mentioned, I don’t think, and it never occurred to me to try.)

((Edited to add a link to the Manual in the first para.))

edited by Torrain on 11/23/2012

Brilliant, many thanks.

There’s a system I use using p and b and i with appropriate endings similar to bbcode, but it breaks the forums, you use < and > symbols. Spaced out it looks like this:

If you remove the parts of the thing I’ve spaced out, you’ll get something different.

Also, you can use [content] to change the color of text to match the difficulty statements on challenges.