Parabola Linen

I just got a thing of parabola linen as a reward from an expedition in the Temple of Serpents, so far the only use for this I can see is for throwing a a masque in the marshes in order to get a bunch of making waves. Right now im notability 3 and need making waves 17 for my next level. Should I save it for a later level or just use it once I get the card for the marshes?

Parabola Linen is pretty rare, and it’s not hard to Make Waves to 17th level (153 CP), so I’d suggest you not to spend it.
You might need to later gain as much as 40+ level of Making Waves (820+ CP) for 10 Notability and that’s where all the expensive items will give you a required boost.

All the Making Waves option from lodging cards are traps and should not be played unless you are really rich and want to see some lore - try stealing Tales of Terror from the Filt and convert them to Extraordinary Implications, then Uncanny Incunabulum instead.

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a more worthy use for that Parabola Linen (and the bottle it came wrapped around, if I’m right about what treasure you found), you might want to consider getting married. Incorporating Parabola Linen into your wedding-gown/suit gives you quite a boost, and a bottle of Fourth City Airag on the reception-table will attract a finer breed of guests…

The only other use I can think of for Parabola Linen is if you want to become closest to the Tomb Colonists, having made
another faction your initial choice.

But I agree with others: keep it. Rag Trade items are the coolest.