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[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]This may be an odd question, I just got my Panther (hurrah) but ah how do I make it show up in Sunless Sea? I mean the email address I use for Sunless Sea is the same as I use for Fallen London but do I have to tell the two to talk to each other or something?[/color]
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Connect Fallen London with Sunless Sea and wait for the next Sunless Sea content update.

Also - only works for a new game.

I get this bit but how do I connect Fallen London to Sunless sea? There is no button or “Connect” switch to use…

There is no option in the |Fallen London settings or in Sunless Sea that I can see

I believe it was the “Check for new stories.” You connect to your FL account through that, enter your access code, and from then on the two should be linked. Dunno how you’re supposed to do that when the button is greyed out because your stories are up to date.

They’re pushing updates through pretty fast. The powers that be FB might have a better solution - but otherwise I’m guessing there may be an update pretty soon, if you could wait a couple of days?

Things I’d check: do you have your panther* in Fallen London? Are you definitely using the same email address for both that and Sunless Sea? When the update button becomes usable again, the code is: absinthegreen

They’ll almost certainly see this post - but maybe that’s a good point - an option to log out/disconnect your account/change account from the main menu when there are no updates required. Perhaps email them?

*You said you did, but I’m trying to make this slightly less you specific, help-wise.
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