Yay! Panther!

I’m really impressed.
I was expecting &quotjust&quot a new pet, but the (unexpected) accompanying story is really intriguing!
Can’t wait to see more a more snippets as this story unfolds.

Well done FBG!

I think I just messed things up…

I started the story and got to the jungle(?). There I saw I did not have the correct airs quality and backed out, losing the story.

Is there any way to get back to the story? I’ve been looking in Veilgarden, Mahogany Hall and my Lodgings but I haven’t been able to find anything.

Is there any way to get back to the story? [quote]
[color=#ff9900]You’ll get more chances. Make sure you pay attention to some old opportunity cards…[/color]

To paraphrase Father Jack… I LOVE MY PANTHER. (I want to know more about her associates. And also now I have to figure out what to name her. Hmmmm!)


As luck would have it, the second card I drew was the one…

And you can actually divine which card it is when you are first offered this opportunity.

(And of course I did not think to change my airs so now I’ll have to wait for the card to show up again…)

I’m also very excited (and echoing things, for those who’d like to live vicariously–anyone else who is, chime in!).
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Useful stats, too!

This absolutely made my morning! I can’t wait to see how this story pans out. (And we’re already being told some interesting and bad things about methods of travel. Awkward!)

Now, for names. She hasn’t told me her name yet, which is making this awkward. Hm. What’s a good lordly one for her?

I got to thinking about cats, and companions, and voyages behind mirrors… and, well, I came up with a name, as you can see on Sir Fred’s mantel.

Gah! I feel like I made a wrong choice. Worse still, I think I knew it was the wrong choice as I pressed it. Now my Panther is grumpy because she didn’t find what she was looking for.

Perhaps there will be further developments in this story. And perhaps not. A lot of the fun of this game is making a choice and living with it after all. :)

Though I am still waiting on getting the right cards to do any more with my new feline friend I enjoyed my initial excursion beyond the mirrors, good practice for the day when I can establish my Parabolan base camp.

Did anyone else see that the latest Sunless Sea update mentions Panther kittens, I can’t wait.

It mentions being able to give a Panther kitten to a friend.

I am gonna make someone’s day, if so. :D

A panther? Where? How?

Kickstarter backer award.

Kickstarter backer award.[/quote]
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Has anyone obtained this in Sunless Sea yet? I have not seen any relevant options, but it has not been long…

[color=#009900]Like all integration options, it’ll only apply to new characters.[/color]

Aha. Thanks :-/

Does that include characters created with a legacy? For instance, one created with a stat retained from an older character, but created after the update?

Any chances for the beast to be later available to the ones who just didn’t knew the world too well to back Sunless Sea in these past days? Through Fate indeed, I just irritated I missed this opportunity, while still love and wish to support it.