Panther Kitten Adoption Agency

Delicious friendz,

This lonely silverer was told a certain hound would fill the hole in their life, but as adorable as it is, it’s no kitten. If anyone has spare bundles of fluffy clawed joy, I’d make an excellent new home for it. I can show you all my other creatures delicate and rare, all in perfect health, if you require credentials.

Sincerely, thank you!

(Will happily send gifts, missives or invitations to tea in return.)

You have a Very Nice pfp!

Bobert has received kitten, thank you!

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Today’s kittens were sent to Sashac, mcmk3 and Soundyes/Bobert321.

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Dearest friends, I’d like to adopt a kitten if it’s not too late for that.

UPD: Thank you Ruben Lambert! Kitten received and will be taken care of!

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sent a kitten to Irwinz

Seeking cat. Because cats.

Cat Has been Received!

Kitten has been sent. Enjoy!

Hi there, I would love a kitten!

Thank you!

sent a kitten to fcthompson

Hello. I would love to welcome a kitty. They look nice and furry. But, do they rip your arm off when you stroke them? I hope they do.
Of course, please ask if you want a favor to be returned.

Panther sent to @Ceredig!

I am out of silk, alas, so my panthers will be ribbonless forthwith

Hello! I would love a kitten if they’re going around. I promise to take so so much care of the anomalous little thing, and feed it all the rodents it could dream of, quite literally. I don’t know what I could provide in turn, but I’d be happy to do so if one wishes.

SEEKING—A Kitten of the Parabolan Variety to nurture and cherish. Applicant has extensive cattery experience and will furnish all manner of feline comforts. Most indebted,

(Happy to send to send missives or other social actions in return.)

(Thank you so much! Love my new kitten. :cat2: )

sent a kitten to Malfinia

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I tried to send a kitten, but couldn’t make you a contact! have you not confirmed your email on your account, by any chance?

Oh apologies! I’ve just done that now, thank you!

EDIT: Just got it!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I would be very, very thankful if anyone would be so kind to send me such precious little creature.

A panther kitten has been sent to Arhin.

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