Overzeas Grinding

I’m currently working on getting a lively pet at Polythreme and observed that certain storylets give 1.2 echoes worth of Tier 2 items such as Romantic Notions and Surface-Silk Scraps. I’m not sure if Polythreme can beat the other money-making grinds back at home but I’m sure that it can help you with up-converting items.

Anyways, my question is, are there any other islands where Zailors can grind Tier 2 or better quality items?

Hmm… You can get Vision of the Surface, Inkling of Identity, Incendiary Gossip, Compromising Documents or Journal of Infamy at Hunter’s Keep. Also, Unusual Love Stories, but they don’t seem to have a use.

Secrets of the Elder Continent are also available at Hunter’s Keep, along with a chance for a searing enigma.

Once you’ve been kicked out of the court, you can grind Presbyterate Passphrases, Puzzling Maps, partial maps, antique mysteries, and favours in high places when you take on your Govenorship.

currently visiting Mutton Island. The place is weird.


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