Overshooting Fueling the Excavation Levels

My characters are gaining CPs for Fueling the Excavation beyond the specific levels that would have yielded specific gear items. Consequently, they could not gain those items.

I am not seeing any alternative means to get them.

Suggestion: The game already has the system that is used for Sort the Results of Excavation. This could have been used instead.
edited by Rostygold on 7/20/2021

I don’t really see this as that serious a problem. The carousel is quite short and there is ample time to go through it dozens of times before the festival is over. Just speaking anecdotally, I was able to get almost all the unique items I was missing from my three accounts in my morning session today.

I could see this being more of an issue if, say, each dig site had a unique set of rewards and you had to split your time among all five in order to get everything. But happily, that isn’t the case.
edited by hwoosh on 7/20/2021

It does mean that getting those unique items is dependent on the RNG - and just like FotZ there will be some unlucky/unhappy individuals.

At least here your results don’t seem to depend on optimizing your approach and faffing about on the boat over and over, trying to hit the value that gives you the best chance to hit the thing you want, with a risk of self-sabotage if you don’t go the extra mile to figure out the math, as with FotZ. Just keep digging/supplying and eventually the items should come to you. Given how quickly it seems to happen on average, I don’t foresee many players having serious difficulty finding all the gear.

It’s pretty quick to go round the carousel, and you can do it as many times as you need to get the items. Plus you get a decent reward for cashing out at the end anyway. It seems perfectly okay to me.

Yeah, there’s no reason to be sad that you had to get more Airags than you wanted before you got your poisoned pen. Especially since the thing you really want is the hat, and you can’t overshoot that

[quote=Rostygold].Suggestion: The game already has the system that is used for Sort the Results of Excavation. This could have been used instead.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would have been completely done with the festival hours ago if that system were used. Plus, it would destroy the mystery by revealing what all the items were, which I don’t think they wanted to do.

I really feel like it’s more similar to an “Airs” quality than a progress quality, even though it literally is a progress quality.