Overheard On Deck?

Apparently, Overheard On Deck events have been in the game since Emerald, but despite 300 hours of gameplay, I’ve only seen such an event once. Bug? Feature? Am I missing something here?

A what now? Googling turns up some update notes, but I’ve never seen that and apparently nobody working on the wiki has heard of it either?

See this post from a while back: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic9450-a-most-amazing-thing-happened.aspx

Yep - never seen one, and playing since day one.

I saw it once way back in Emerald - but it popped up on the sidebar just as I was entering a port and disappeared when I docked. So I didn’t get to see the text:( I really expected it to be like the other sidebar storylets and remain available on docking.

I have seen it only once so far. It was the Bandaged Poissonnier chatting with the Nacreous Outcast.

Interesting, I’ve had a few of the heard on deck interactions, most of them involved the nacreous outcast and ceased when it became the nacreous survivor…

It seems all the upgraded ones don’t talk much. I have all my officers who could be upgraded already at their best (Indomitable, Survivor, Satisfied and dead), my ship’s running absolutely silent.

I’m not sure about the Campaigner, but I know you-the-captain can’t “speak to” the Survivor either – I wonder if that’s deliberate?

Is this a storylet or something? (the campaigner doesn’t talk, but I figured that was so you couldn’t upgrade your stats further. which doesn’t quite make sense to me, but perhaps she’s too weakened to help hearten up the captain as well. Which is a shame, as even a conversation storylet that does nothing would be nice - I like the action of talking to officers)[li]

From what people are saying, it sounds like a randomly appearing storylet a la Restless Nights or whatever.