Overall plan for early content/Making the Name

So three updates in, I am still not entirely clear on what the overall plan is. Specifically:

  1. I was under the impression that all Attribute unlocks were intended to be removed. But there are still plenty of options and cards that unlock on Persuasive, Watchful and Dangerous. Now Dangerous is still in the implementation stage, I guess. But Persuasive has been implemented for a while. I originally raised a number of tickets about Persuasive unlocks. Some of these were fixed but the majority are still there.

The main reason I am asking this is I am not sure what the correct approach for me, as a user, or us, as the user community, should be.

Situation A: Once a track is fully implemented, it’s done. Any remaining Attribute unlocks are intentional and I simply misunderstood the original announcement. In this case, the correct course of action is &quotRelax; do nothing&quot.

Situation B: The outstanding Attribute unlocks are bugs/omissions but ones that FB are entirely aware of and will be addressed in due course. In this case, sending loads and loads of bug reports from different users would be distracting to FB and the correct course of action is &quotBe patient; do nothing&quot.

Situation C: The outstanding Attribute unlocks are bugs/omissions that FB is either unaware of or was aware of but became sidelined as primary track content needed to be implemented and is now on backburner. Here, presumably, the correct approach is &quotRaise support ticket whenever you encounter a storylet with an old-style attribute unlock&quot. Alternatively a more centralised approach might be to have a collation of such reports here on the forums in one thread that at some periods we submit as a collated report to FB.

  1. Is the Shadowy update the last update of this exercise or will there be a fifth overall/getting ready for PoSLI update? This feedbacks into the first question. If we know that a fifth &quotclean up&quot update is forthcoming then maybe that’s when all the outstanding unlocks will be dealt with. Also, a number of people expressed concern with the relative &quotrail-roading&quot of early content. But if we know that a fifth update that deals with becoming a PoSI is forthcoming then perhaps it will be reworked sufficiently to address some of those concerns.

I could have sworn that I saw an official statement that reference PoSI in some way, something along the lines of &quotthe new tracks will update early content all the way to becoming a PoSI&quot but can’t actually find anything at the moment…
edited by genesis on 9/25/2015