Out of fights after Coil 3

Where exactly does one go at Dangerous 110? It seems like there’s a serious gap between completing Coil 3 of the Labyrinth, which can be done at around Dangerous 107, and Coil 4, which kicks off with a fight that’s almost impossible at Dangerous 110, when it’s unlocked. Shadowy has the same problem, but there at least you can have a few trips around Mutton Island to raise your Shadowy.

Where should one go to advance that’s not just grinding away at Coil 2 with a Ridiculous Hat on?

Honestly, I’ve found a LOT of gaps in the game where there’s a large gap between modest-chancy for one storylet, and modest-chancy for the next available storylet. Usually, the only thing I’ve found to help is to typically grind with gear on that enhances your stat, then gradually remove items as you gain levels to stay in the right range, moving into using negative items like the ridiculous hat alongside boosting items to slowly go into the negatives if necessary.

Coil 4 as a whole is easier than the wrestling match with the bishop. It’s supposed to be a difficult challenge, but you’re only expected to do it once. Just keep trying and tending your wounds, and eventually you will get lucky.

That threw me too when I was doing the coil. I stayed in the 3rd coil for a while until I could handily beat the bishop, and then found myself skipping over some of the easier challenges in the 4th coil.