Out of Context Fallen London

I was going over my journal from the last couple of months, which always bears some reflection on my surface life at the time, and I realized that the things I was doing and the things I were saying in response were unnerving and oftentimes hilarious out of context. Especially when you roleplay your character

So, why not leave behind some quotes your character has said or situations you’ve found yourself in. Make certain not to explain why you said them or why you were in such circumstances!

To start off…

&quotGive me the drugs! I need to fight a ghost dog!&quot

here is one of mine from real life

&quotThe blood man came through it so i’m sure its fine&quot

“Someday I’ll have sentient flesh of my own, and that is when I’ll win.”

“When it comes to betrayals, I am a one-man antitrust committee.”