OSX — Game hangs at launch

I’m using OSX 10.9.4 and when launching the game for the first time it simply hangs right at the beginning of the Failbetter logo animation.[li]

I know this is a relatively common Unity bug and generally the fix is to keep the game from not launching fullscreen for the first time, but I can’t seem to find the directory that preferences are stored to change this from happening. It’s not saved in any of the standard locations for data as per the Apple style guidelines.

Any help?

This got drowned out by tons of other posts pretty fast so, bump?

Exactly the same problem here under Linux with wine:


[color=#009900]We’d like to fix this - can you drop us a mail at sunlesssea@failbettergames.com? An output log is essential (there’ll be instructions in the autoreply on how to get at it.[/color]
[color=#009900]We do formally support OSX - if the fix works for Wine as well, so much the better![/color]