Orphanage Help (Light Fingers Ambition Spoilers)

Hello everyone. This is not so much a request for help as a request for information. Last night, after locating the singers in the orphanage I clicked to release as many prisoners as I could before escaping. However, the site was having some difficulties, and I was never shown the page with describing the consequences of my actions (which I was also hoping to record in my journal). Could someone who has echoed that selection please direct me to their journal, so I can see what I’d missed?
edited by Estaroc on 4/29/2016

I know the text for it, but I have a better recommendation for how to find this for yourself.

Instead, go to the ‘Myself’ tab, then scroll down to Qualities, and expand the Ambition section.
Just beneath your Ambition: Light Fingers! value, should be &quot[color=FF0000]REMINISCE about your adventures[/color]&quot.
Click on that, and it should give you the story so far. ^_^
(Use the ‘earlier’ and ‘later’ buttons to scroll back and forward.)

Give that a shot, and let me know if it works. If it doesn’t, I can update this with the text that shows on mine, or dig up the text elsewhere. (But I figure it’s better you see it on your own first, and I’d rather not accidentally spoil anything by reading too far ahead.)
edited by Kittenpox on 4/29/2016