Ornate Typewriter and literary ambitions.

I have often wrote short stories to pay my bills in the Neith, however I have been eyeing a certain ornate typewriter in one of the bazaars windows and subsequently debating whether or not I should purchase it to assist my literary ambitions; however I do not yet know if it is worth the investment.

In layman’s terms, I want to know if the Ornate Typewriter worth purchasing for use in writing short stories? What exactly does it do? does it have any other useful effects?

it lets you give- if the pattern is correct- 3 actions and a handful of items- probably ~2 echoes worth- for a sizable quantity of bohemian connections.
it also lets you have another short story challenge- i believe it gives 5 pages for one potential, and 4 actions. on a failure it gives one page and takes one potential.
also, if you place any significant value on actions- say, 20 pence, use the romantic notions, rather than manuscript pages, to edit your work. if you value actions at >50 pence, it’s probably better to even buy prisoner’s honey from the bazaar, upcraft to romantic notions, and use them, if you don’t have any romantic notions- counterintuitive, but actually sounds accurate. i could be mistaken, but i don’t think i am.
happy writing!
(i’m sure there are better grinds, though, for however far along you are.)
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EDIT: Never mind.
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Question: Is writing short stories a decent way to make money and making waves as compared to other methods?

I find short stories a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable way to make waves, but don’t believe it’s the most optimal. The monetary value is something I haven’t calculated, and doubt it’s really good for making cash.

It may be effective for making waves- but it is not ideal for making money, at least not at the POSI i believe you are at. if you want to grind, there are better ways, but if you’re doing it for fun, then it’s fine. also, if you’re doing it for making waves, it is a good way to pre-load MWs for when you’ll need them, even if it doesn’t have the best MW per action.

What are some of the alternative methods for making waves (Without a substantial echo investment)

hmm… I hear the salon is good, but it’s probably expensive, and requires a laundry list of conections to begin. (i chose the orphanage, which is definitely expensive.) if you don’t mind wasting resources, you can do certain conversion trees- both straight up or side- i believe one of these routes is quite lucrative in making waves. if you have the shadowy and don’t mind discarding your hand, I’m told heists are pretty good, although if it goes especially badly, you will wind up in new newgate, so you might want to be careful doing that. If you aquire them from the journalist profession, you can trade nights on the town for making waves, but i don’t know- it might be better to hoard them for later, harder to get levels of notability. the same is true for other, expensive items, though you might not want to use that: favors in high places, searing enigma, and puzzle-damask, at least.
If you receive an invitation to a party and attend, you’ll receive a decent number of points MW when its over, if you stay till the end.
some of the fledgeling writer paths give MW- either on sucess, trade-in or failure. consult the wiki for details. Those are the ones i know about off the top of my head, but i am certain there are more out there. I don’t know the most effective route, sadly- probably private suppers, or dinners at dante’s with people who’ve gotten a lot of MW unintentionally.
also, if you’re after notability, don’t forget that increasing BDR decreases the level of MW needed.
good luck in your quest!
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Expeditions to the forgotten quarter then donating your supplies is a good option that’s not dependant on cards.

Its fairly random though.

The best option if you don’t want to spend cash is grinding it in court :P

Unfortunately I no long have access to the empress’s court.