Options to dob other players in

Over the past day or so (maybe I’m late to the party here), I’ve noticed a couple of options allowing players to offend others’ characters, with the explicit warning that they may respond and &quotget back&quot at you. One is spilling wine on someone at the party, and I noticed the other on a card today.
I wonder how other people feel about this?
There doesn’t seem any way to opt out of your character being used in this way – though I don’t know if there is any actual disadvantage in terms of MW, money, scandal or similar.
It calls to mind the bad reaction to some election options a couple of years ago, when people were being mobbed. Then there is the upcoming &quotwar in Parabola&quot, which also suggests an element of aggression.

They’ve been around for about a month. They probably got drowned out by the Feast of the Rose fairly quickly. The announcement post is over yon: https://www.failbettergames.com/new-social-actions/

You can only Sleight an Acquaintance, not a Contact, so you can &quotopt out&quot by snubbing that person. There don’t seem to be any immediate penalties for getting Slighted. It just gives a quality which enables them to respond.

The opportunity to respond is a benefit to the Slightee, because it can earn a dreaded Mood. If they do respond, the effect on the Slighter has some inconvenience but is probably net-positive, and they chose to open themselves up to that in the first place.

Overall I don’t see much in the way of mechanical opportunities for abuse. There’s no more opportunity to harass someone than sending a regular letter.

The assassins are pretty fun, too. I never knew I wanted to use Shapeling Arts to make my liver do a barrel roll, but here we are!

Thanks! I see I missed various things.