Option to turn off Autosave?

Things that I should perhaps have realised: having started a new game yesterday (Panther!) and made some decent progress, playing a saved game today automatically over-wrote the ‘Autosave’ file and hence deleted my new game.

Given that playing w/ the Invictus token is a fun option, can we please have an option to turn off Autosave to avoid this issue when playing non-Invictus games?

Thanks :)

Or allow multiple autosave slots for each “game” so we can run multiple games in parallel.

This would be fabulous. I’m sort of hankering after trying each archetype (or an Invictus and a Merciful) in parallel, but right now they’d save over the top of each other. I keep reminding myself sternly that we’re in Early Access, and all this will come… I hope.

Can someone please explain to me why drowning or getting devouered by Zee-beasts results in an autosave? It’s pretty cruel and completely nullifies the purpose of saving, now does it?

Please fix it, I’ve seen too many characters die.

Well, that’s what makes Unforgiving mode Unforgiving - you lose your save file when you die. A common feature of roguelikes, and/or of games with a hardcore or permadeath option. You can always switch over to Merciful if you want to keep your progress!

If you are playing Merciful and die you don’t have to play the dialogue screen all the way through, though I haven’t found a way to get into the menu without either using Alt F4 to exit Sunless Sea or going as far as choosing Shadowed Stranger and you can then get into the menu to load an earlier manual save.

Lady Ciel, when you sink and go to the pick a legacy screen there’s a small &quotmain menu&quot link underneath the three boxes, white text. :)

Though I agree, in Merciful mode the game could maybe NOT save when you die? So you can go back to the last autosave? It is Merciful mode after all. (And if you’re anything like me you’ve been forgetting to make manual saves at every port, and tend to lose an hour’s play when the autosave gets wiped, and then ragequit for a few hours until you feel like trying again :p)
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Thanks I missed that - not that I am intending to die with the captain I’m running at the moment.

Thank you for the quick answer, I totally agree that Unforgiving should be unforgiving, the Invictus-Medal has to be earned.

I just misinterpreted the autosave in Merciful and assumed who needs manual saves in harbours if every port gives you an autosave, until I got sunk 3 hours after the last save and quite a bit of keyboard biting ensued. Would be nice if it’d be fixed or at least a note in the loading screen about it.

But all in all the game is incredible, can’t wait for the final version.

Oo, yeah, that is unfortunate - but, don’t worry, you’ll do even better on future runs now that you know that much more about how the game works! It certainly wouldn’t be a terrible idea if Merciful and Unforgiving autosaves were separate, and/or if Merciful backed up your autosave on death. But, I know nothing about programming, so I don’t know how easy that would be to implement, or how much it’s in-line with the devs’ plans!
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