Option to Disable Auto-pause

I think it would be a great feature to be able to disable the auto-pause feature that pauses the game when you tab-out, open the chart, or any of the non-Options menu’s.

I get that with a game like this, the devs want to do everything they can to maintain immersion. But the fact is once you’ve discovered every single port in a region and are doing a little grinding for money or to unlock some story-lets via fetch quests, it would be 10-times less dreary if you could read through your journal, check your inventory, look over your character sheet, or even briefly tab-out to open a wiki, or message a friend, when partaking in an inevitably uneventful 160 second straight trip through empty space you’ve been through a hundred times before.

This game already did a FANTASTIC job at reducing the grind and commute time issues that were the only major bugbear in Sunless Sea, and allowing players to multitask a bit while commuting in the mid-late game would take it one more big step towards completely eliminate the problems entirely.

[color=#9966ff]The ability to tab out of the game will actually be seen in tomorrow’s update. The game will load, and you will be able to cruise across the High Wilderness whilst the game is not in focus. [/color]