Ops, I have turned Varchas into Mordor

So, I did not pay that much attention to the Mirrorless Room, where the Varchaasi keep those that have been ensnared - or even possessed - by the Fingerkings, aka the Dream-Snakes

Varchas is a kind of well-patrolled, well-lit border with Parabola - where the darkest side of Parabola is kept out by the light.

And then Revolution Day came…

The rulers of Varchas, i.e. the Agnihotri, the council and the Sun-Priests, have ordered a number of absurd and a bit oppressive measures: visiting the Jewel-Turbaned Youth, we see that the inhabitants are forbidden not only from lying, but even from inventing stories.

So I thought: time to help the oppressed inhabitants and Neathers. It would be fun to have &quotSupremacy:Varchas&quot on the map…
Without considering why such measures could have been necessary in the first place…

So I did it: now Varchas is a dark land of unspeakable horror, where the Fingerkings try to slither in your skin while you walk there, even when you are awake.
You can not do anything to change it or repair it -although I specifically went to Varchas with a Serpent-Trap in order to capture and counter the Fingerkings :( XD

What did you do there? Do you think that I have unleashed a Big Bad (as I said, Mordor) on the Neath, even worse than the Dawn Machine?
edited by Netos Korlan on 12/21/2019

For all their faults, the Fingerkings seem to be content for now, and the Neath seems safe. Or more likely, the Fingerkings saw a place now more sunless, one they could readily attack, but London and other lighted places will not follow.

For now.

Ah, I hated that part of the game. It played with our player tendency to always assist the youth when oppressive rules are in place, and led us into a very dark place for our trouble.