Opinions of Destinies

Sorry about posting ANOTHER topic on destinies. But what are you guys favourite destinies/Glimpses of the future? Mine is probably Authority/The chill of the void from what I’ve read about it. But what are your favourites?

I’m a particular fan of the Jewelled Future / The Revelation and the Silvered Future / Backstage. The Oath is beautifully done, too.

My main also went with Authority. It seems rather fitting, as he, err… she, um… yes, is a very staunch proponent of the status quo under the helmsmanship of the Masters, and supports their endeavours to such an extent that joining their ranks one day seems a natural progression. My alt, however, is the polar opposite & went with Gloom, though unfortunately I forget what that entails…

My Main, the only one with a destiny, has Authority, but that hails from back when I wasn’t sure what was going on. Exciting though it was, I wish to acquire Memory when I can—both the stat bonus from it and the choice that gets it (from the Long Road, anyways) are too perfect for the character.

I haven’t looked at everyone else’s but I really like The Revelation. A mission to obtain the immortality? And the giving me the option to give it to everyone?

Yes, please.

I quite like Passion. It’s about as close as Fallen London gets to any kind of optimism about the future.

The Revelation seems pretty optimistic too, at least if you choose to give it to everyone.

The destiny’s tagline is “Everything will change. For the better?”

I got The Road, so I either redeem/brainwash the Lorn Flukes and go on space adventures with them or turn them into Bazaar-lackeys. I’m not entirely sure.