"Only Acceptable Friends my enter your lodgings"?

So, I was just playing (albeit with a somewhat spotty connection), and when I went to travel to my lodgings, the page froze, and returned an error message that said: &quotRegrettably, only Exceptional Friends may visit your lodgings. Visit the Next page to become an Exceptional Friend!&quot

Two seconds later, everything was normal again. Not sure if it even counts as a bug report, but did I stumble across a bit of obsolete code, or is there actually a feature for Exceptional Friends to visit other player’s lodgings that I missed?

Can’t speak for the devs, but I’ve encountered this bug a lot, with pretty much any area, during failed loading with a spotty connection. Always reverts to working just fine fairly quickly, though. I’ve assumed it’s just text being transposed from the House of Chimes.

Though it is quite hilarious having the game tell you that you aren’t exceptional enough to enter your own home.

A shrouded figure stands in the doorway. An irritable sigh as you are noticed. You are not allowed to enter.
&quotSorry…&quot It speaks in an orderly, but somehow chitinous voice. &quotThis place is for Exceptional Friends only.&quot
What on Earth is this?
You take a moment to collect yourself, but the figure is gone before you can express your confusion.

Huh, OK. Glad to know that I’m not crazy, nor the game mean.

You still might be crazy Rackenhammer…

Don’t confuse mod with character. Mathieu is definitely mad; his player is (hopefully) not.

I had this happen when something broke with my connection with the bazaar sidestreets.

Which was especially weird bc i was an exceptional friend at the time o_O

I had that same text on bazaar side streets. Doing something else and coming back to it fixed it. Weird though.