I was re-reading the Having A Reccuring Dream cards, and I have a bunch of questions, mostly concerning What Does the Thunder Said, A Game of Chess, Is Somebody There? and Death by Waters (I haven’t re-read the other one yet.)

What Does The Thunder Say is about Storm, that is for sure. However, I have a hard time understanding some of the symbolism. Why the cliff? Who are the figure wearing robe, who are sometimes human, and sometimes we only see a red light under their hood. Speaking of which, what is that red light under the ground? The Wind seems to sometimes tell people to go North, sometimes say that only fool go North. It once says that it like to be worshiped, but that it send Auster (The roman god of the southern wind) to those it doesn’t like, so that they go North. In fact, one of the dream Is about a fleet of ship going East, until the wind pushes them North, or at least North-East. One las thing, you gain Stormy-Eyed by taking on an aspect of Storm and becoming one of his devotee, while you lose some by acting in a rational manner. That’s most of what I understood. Also, there is a connection between this dream and A Game of Chess, the innocent princess make a cameo and the Beleaguered King seems to be an allied of the wind.

A Game of Chess is also strange. You play as a spy and a commander and you dream of conflict. Who is the One-Eyed Bishop? The Lonely Knight? The Red-Handed Queen seems to be cruel but cunning, while the Beleaguered King is hesitant and prone to inaction. Also, a lot of Spy have to go North for some reasons. Are these factions supposed to represent the White, Red and Black of Parabola? I don’t know, and I’m not sure. Also, The Beleaguered King and the Red-Handed Queen have a cameo in SMEN, in the Carnival at Midnight. They play chess and have a cryptic conversation.

Is Somebody There is about, as was previously mentioned by an old user, your reflection acting strangely (and asking you to not go North) and you becoming more and more subservient to your reflection. I have no idea what it means. Is it saying something about Parabola? In that case, what is it saying?

Finally, I just want to say that all the dream storylines are linked. We can’t get a full understanding of what they mean if we only look at them individually. Also, some dream from different storyline seems to follow each other. For instance, one of the Dream in Death by Water is about a desert, and one of the dream in What the Thunder Said is about a desert suddenly becoming verdant, and I also know that a silver fountain from The Fire Sermon (that I haven’t re-read yet) re-appear in other storylines. Anyway, I’m writing all this because I’m confused, and also because I’m convinced that making sense of these dream will help us make sense of the politic of the Neath.

If you fight the Parabolan War on behalf of the chessboard you’ll probably see the Red-handed Queen and/or the Beleaguered King at the end.

I followed your advice, and I thank you for it, because I think I get a better grasp of what is going on (maybe, or maybe I’m just barking at the wrong tree as usual.) There are four possible ending to that campaign: White win, Red Win, Black Win, Stalemate. In the first one, you meet the Beleaguered King, the second, The Red-Handed Queen, the third one, nobody and the fourth one, the two of them. So White is associated with the Beleaguered King and Red with the Red-Handed Queen, which in hindsight should have been obvious.

So then, in this theory, it is not order vs chaos, but order vs order. The Beleaguered King represent the &quotgood&quot side of the old order, the tradition, the comforting side of order. The Red-Handed Queen represent the ruthless side of that order, the pragmatic, the self-interested. That is also why both of them calmly playing chess together make sense, because they are both united against a common enemy. Their conversation also make sense too, as they are talking about an old and ancient power that I dare not mention here, so afraid of its wrath I am.* Furthermore, The Beleaguered King friendship with the Wind, probably Storm, make sense because of who Storm is, that is, a soldier for the old order.

I have still a lot of question, but I hope this is a start.

*(Isn’t it way more cool to say that then add a spoiler tag?)