One Small, Singular Suggestion...

If there were a single suggestion I feel I could add for the entirety of this project – and I know it’s near completion so I’m not gunning for urgency – it would be to make the &quotfeed the crew&quot marker on the hunger bar adjustable.

I know it’s a small thing, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approaching a crab, port, or other hunger-reducing location like the Chapel of Lights and I just can’t quite get there fast enough. If I could slide the &quotfeeding point&quot marker to the right or left – even if it affects the speed that terror increases or decreases – it would add a lot of convenience and tactical capability to the game.

Just think: next time you’re nearing a potential food source you can slide it up to hold off on feeding until the food gets there – or, if you’re about to get more supplies and have a full hold, you can slide the bar the other way to use up the supplies you have early to reduce hunger further (instead of having to wait until the food is served to pick up the additional supplies).

I’m hoping this would be something simple to do (the marker already looks like a slider and I initially thought it was planned to be adjustable) but even if this could be added at a much later date I’d be thrilled – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just barely missed catching one of those crabs before I &quotfed the crew&quot and lost the opportunity to relieve their hunger the easy way.

Just a humble suggestion… carry on ladies and gentlemen…
edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 1/23/2015

Seconded! Those damn crabs, man…

I think it would be a good option to have when you’ve got plenty of food in the hold and could reasonably withhold because the promise of food is still there, but if down to minimum food levels, it shouldn’t be an option.

The refilling hunger bar can get quite annoying occasionally. But I’d rather have a &quotIt’s looking grim captain&quot event at the second to last of the supply crates, giving you the chance to dip over early but with mutiny implied, rather than adding an entire new bar mechanic. I’ve always interpreted the bar as always running just short of outright starvation, and the only reason it dips over the middle is out of lack of choice.
edited by Mortmaer on 1/26/2015