One question about Five Minutes To Middy

After finishing the story - including its repercussions on the Inferno Faction card - I still don’t seem to have gotten 1x Memory of a Tale.
Or has it already been given in a previous section and I have overlooked it? Or is there any remaining part of this story that is waiting to be completed?
For the other one, the flint , I was told I could get 2x Memory of a Tales, but I only got one. Did the person say it wrong?

Send an email to explaining what you think went wrong, and they should be able to check and let you know (and credit your character with any missing goodies).
Sometimes takes a day or two to get a response, especially at busy times (this is probably a busy time, because a big patch with lots of new content dropped today, and some bugs will inevitably have crept in), but they’re the most unfailingly helpful support team around :)