On the way to becoming PoI

I’ve just arrived at the Bazaar Sidestreets,and I’m almost a Person of Importance…I just need a velocipede.
Any suggestions regarding the best way to acquire maniac’s prayers,correspondence plaques,phosphorent scarabs,
memories of the light that I’ll need for this.(I already have the strong backed labour.)

Its a bit tricky. Most ways to grind items are unlocked by becoming a person of importance. Perhaps buying them at the bazaar could work.

That’s a bit expensive. I personally converted a lot of the Primordial Shrieks I got working for Mr Inch to get the Maniac’s Prayers I needed. You can pick up Journals of Infamy in the Flit, and those convert into Correspondence Plaques. Phosphorescent Scarabs were a lot harder to get before, but now you can grind Lamplighter Beeswax in Watchmaker’s Hill through the Department of Menace Eradication. I think converting those might be your best bet for Memories of Light pre-POSI too, if you haven’t been collecting Compromising Documents.

I alredy had all the items to create one on my main. And i used the &quotCleftforme&quot code for my alt later.[li]

thank you for your help. it worked,and i am now pleased to announce my new status as a significant individual!

Congratulations. Delicious friend.