On the subject of rostygold.

Over the course of my ventures, I’ve shed more blood than I care to admit, and am now in possession of a little over Eleven-thousand count of rostygold. I was wondering if there happened to be a better use for it than small wagers of 20 here and there, or if I should, in fact, start using it to supplement my income.

Thanks in advance,

If you want a gang of hoodlums, save it for that.

It’s not used for a ton, so it’s relatively safe to sell if you need some cash. These days I mostly find myself using it alongside Docks Favours to fund expeditions.

I appreciate the help. For the next step in ending the vake, it requires that I either donate a large amount of candles, or be very well aquainted with the church. The latter is rather hard to come across, but I can simply buy some candles.

You can exchange 1,000 Rostygold for 1,100 Whispered Hints, which can either be sold or converted into a vast quantity of items.

I’d just hold onto what you already have, selling any additional Rostygold you acquire. Sell it if you need the Echoes, but otherwise you may as well let the balance slowly get used up.

In most cases I’d recommend not buying generic items directly from the Bazaar. There’s almost always a more efficient way to get them through storylets. It’s also often pretty easy to raise connections at low levels, see here.
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My personal rules when new items are acquired:[li]If you had less than 2000 of the item, keep it.[/li]
[li]If you had more than 2000 of the item, but the item can be converted into something you have less than 2000 of (or that item can be), sell half of it.[/li][ul][li]If the new items were acquired as a result of item conversion and meet this criteria, keep it.[/li][/ul]
[li]If you had more than 2000 of the item, and it cannot be converted directly or indirectly into something you have less than 2000 of, sell all of it.[/li][li]
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You may want to earn the candles through Unfinished Business in Veilgarden if you’re a PoSI, or possibly Breeding Tomb-Lions through Discipline if you have access to the 4th coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers.

If you’ve let to acquire the Gang of Hoodlums definitely do save it for that: they provide a good source of Criminal Favours.

I also keep a good stash of Rostygold on hand for sponsoring certain endeavors related to the Young Stags, if you happen to be a member.

I would strongly recommend never buying items to complete your ambition.

It will likely be years until your ambition is finished, giving you plenty of time to grind out the items required. Save your echoes for better things, like top-tier gear, and goat herding.