On the Subject of Dreams

Why should I walk through the line of dreams and fill my head with nightmares?
Thus far I have found no benefit from any line of dreams, besides… well, you know. The view outside your window being very, very wrong.

I do it because the text is bloody gorgeous. If you are a sensible sort, avoid the whole mess and enjoy the salutary benefits of deep untroubled sleep.

I have heard that dreams of storms can eventually lead to the trait Stormy-Eyed in the waking world. Is this so?

You’ll be Stormy-Eyed, yes, but the effects of being like that will only apply in dreams for what I saw until now.

You get to enter the Mind of a Long Dead God when your stormy eyed and dreams of thunder at the right level.

Dreams are an integral part of living in the Fifth City. Besides a certain hotel, make sure you go and visit the Marches, a delightful and painless way to raise your Watchful. As Ciel explained, the Mind of the Lond Dead God is available once both your Stormy-Eyed and WTTS are high enough. Entering is at your discretion, leaving might be more problematic and will affect your Stormy-Eyed quality.
I just woke up from such a dream after long hours of Correspondence study at the University. I will go back as soon as I’ll be able to.

The dreams are optional, but they are one of my favourite parts. Seeing the dream content really sold me on Fallen London when I started playing. It builds on lore found elsewhere in the game, and the stormy-eyed (and mind of a dead god) content was as exhilarating for me as entering the Nadir for the first time.
That said, my brother completely avoided all dream content when he played, and he still enjoyed the game.

If you take the Heart’s Desire ambition, you will eventually need 5 levels of the element dreams. As someone who had been avoiding Dreams, this was frustrating to discover.

You don’t really need to get 5 levels in those dream qualities. It’s an option, but you could go for the Stone-Tentacle Key instead. I found that less of a hassle.

Dragon, you can also get the Stone Tentacle Key for that (which you find at zee). Considering a step or two later you require a boat anyway, it is not as bad as it sounds.

Perhaps a late addition - I am on that step now and there is a third even easier option. One season of pygmalion will take care of it.


Unfortunately that option does not advance Heart’s Desire, you need to give him your dreams or the key to progress.

[quote=lady ciel ]Unfortunately that option does not advance Heart’s Desire, you need to give him your dreams or the key to progress.[/quote]That lack of progress did make me sad the first time I did that. The text amused me, though.

I see. I’ll have to up my dream quotient, then.

Hmm… Why don’t you give him the key? Hunter’s KEep is a pleasant trip anyway, and a quite rewarding place, though it will take you away from London for a while.

I don’t have a ship yet. It is not (yet) in character for me to do so.

It seems that some new content will be requiring dream qualities, Is Someone There? tending to be the most prevalent in relation to Parabola. Given how long it takes to raise these qualities, I’d most definitely recommend raising them whenever possible, and you shouldn’t suffer negative consequences as long as you deal with your nightmares.

Speaking of dreams, I think I lost quite a bit of dream progress when I was having rat trouble, since they were all I could dream about. I guess THAT’s why someone here recommended finishing up that part as soon as possible?

I don’t have a ship yet. It is not (yet) in character for me to do so.[/quote]
Getting a ship will definitely be faster than trying to raise your dreams. I still haven’t raised my dreams to the level needed, and I reached the content limit of Heart’s Desire awhile ago. I’ve been trying to raise my dreams since the beginning too, but for some reason Fire Sermon keeps eluding me…[li]