On the Sins of the Masters

Their sins are many. We shall only discuss the first, the ones that exiled them here.

From what we have learned about the Masters, and their errors, we know there are eleven crimes. Hoarding. light bringing. impersonation and delivery of false testimony. the crime of knife and candle. idleness and dwelling on dreams. Runtery and aberration. pursuit of a Treachery. failure and defeat, thus falling from a king to a beggar. Glass whispering, and worse: charity. Truth strangling. And finally, violation of the Order of Days, which governs the hunt, the slaughter, the bargain, the council, and the feast.

The possible answers are many, and the Masters… have changed, in number and in profession. Some of these crimes may not have been committed by them, but what they were and what they were accused of must be understood.


For hoarding, it is possible that Stones, Pages, and Cups may have been accused.

Stones shows quite a bit of avarice, and a love of money for money’s sake. He is the most likely candidate. Pages, who runs the Ministry of Public Decency could also be considered, for it steals and hoards knowledge. Cups runs the Relickers, who take scraps and useless junk to be collected and presumably hoarded.

Fires currently assumes the mantle of a distributer of coal, gas and candles. Yet, he merely adopted this position- Mr. Eaten, or Mr. Candles, dealt in light through the trade of candles. Meanwhile, Apples deals in immortality, which are created from the Garden, which is swathed in light.

However, this crime could also refer to the Correspondence, composed of sunlight. The Master who seems the most involved with the Correspondence seems to be Mr. Eaten, who has literally become it as part of his name.

Impersonation, and the delivery of false testimony

This crime could apply to many of the Masters. The most likely answer is that is one of the Masters with double identities: Apples/Hearts, Cups/Mirrors, and Mr. Eaten (Theoretically, as Mr. Candles).

Perpetration of the game of Knife and Candle

This one is without a doubt Mr. Iron.

Idleness, and the dwelling-on of dreams

Spices is the current Master of dreams, and he does remain idle throughout the plot, except for creating Jack-of-Smiles (which he refuses to contain, being further idle). However, Mr. Wines was the first to control the trade of dreams, which he gave up to Spices. He is in a way idle, for he truly only runs revels instead of directly ruling and trading in the Neath. Mirrors could have been considered idle, for instead of working he would think and about and attempt to free Parabola.

Runtery, aberration
While we don’t have exact details of what constitutes runtery and aberration, Mr. Pages could the one accused of this. However, Mr. Hearts, in the Labyrinth, consumes animals and reconstitutes them, which could be an aberrance.

Pursuit of a Treachery

Failure and defeat

To be continued
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You can only do one spoiler tag per post, I am afraid. Truth-strangling also seems more Mr. Pages’ forte, considering that’s literally what he is doing in the Neath
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Candles was definitely the one guilty of runtery

All of the masters have correspondence for their name. It’s probably so people can actually pronounce their name, it’s much easier and shorter to say &quotMr. (Trade)&quot rather than saying whatever correspondence sounds like or saying the correspondence definition.
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Surely in the High Wilderness must be a port or two with space-bats. Maybe then we will know.

[quote=Carns]All of the masters have correspondence for their name. It’s probably so people can actually pronounce their name, it’s much easier and shorter to say &quotMr. (Trade)&quot rather than saying whatever correspondence sounds like or saying the correspondence definition.
It also probably helps to keep from driving people insane every time they introduce themselves.
&quotOh, yes, hello, most delicious friend, I am known as [UN THE SUN THE SUN TH], a pleasure to make your acquaintance.&quot

My guesses on the crimes.


  • Perpetration of the crimes of knife and of candle: Iron, of course[/li][li]Runtery, aberration: Definitely Mr Eaten[/li][li]Truth-strangling: Mr Pages[/li][li]Violation of the Order of Days, “which determines the hour of the hunt, the feast, the council, the bargain, and the slaughter”: Mr Veils[/li][li]Hoarding: Probably Mr Stones[/li][li]Idleness, and the dwelling-on of dreams: Probably Mr Spices[/li][li]Pursuit of a Treachery: Probably Mr Apples/Hearts what with all the beast breeding, that’s got to go against the Chain somehow. The question is, does this refer to one of the Seven Treacheries? And if so, which? We only know of four right now iirc - Maps, Clocks, Breath, Glass.[/li][li]Light-bringing: Probably Mr Fires?[/li][li]Glass-whispering. And worse: charity: Maybe Mr Cups/Mirrors? Because glass but also he gives free Fate items during the election[/li][li]Failure and defeat; a fall from king to beggar: Maybe Mr Wines? I vaguely recall something hinting at this but I could be misremembering.[/li][li]Impersonation, and the delivery of false testimony: Who knows?

The real question is who the eleventh Master is. It’s not Sacks, but could Chimes be a real Master? There was a Khan of Drums before there was ever a House of Chimes, after all…

suggestion: cups/mirrors weren’t the same initially (see ambition: nemesis where the PC muses that ‘Cups and Mirrors must be one and the same. Was it always thus? Or did one dispose of the other and take their place?’) and one disposed of the other, making that one the one guilty of impersonation.

I had a similar crackpot theory about Mr. Apples.
We know Mr. Apples also trades as Mr. Hearts, but that does not mean they are the same person (or bat).
The Conversation on a Long Road destiny mentions both Apples and Hearts separately among your travelling companions.
Apples also says that honesty is not his strong point, and sidebar snippets suggest that he is an ally of Mr. Veils and also one of the masters who holds a particular contempt for the second city (suspicious for an upstanding citizen who presents himself as friendly and innocent).

Counterpoint that completely blows this theory apart: Apples and Hearts both say &quotmy dear&quot a lot.