On the geography of the Avid Horizon

In Sunless Sea, the Avid Horizon is flanked by impassible ice-locked seas stretching to the east and west without end. However, assorted stories in Sunless Sea and Fallen London seem to imply that going north will always eventually get you to the Avid Horizon no matter where you started. Is the Horizon, then, a sort of Neathy north pole, with the expanse of ice in Sunless Sea only existing to satisfy the constraints of a rectangular game-world? It would make sense for a space-gate to be located at a pole, because passing through it would always spit you out in the same direction (at lower latitudes the exact heading would vary based on the time of day).

Follow-up: if the Avid Horizon is a geographic north pole, is Stone perhaps its southern counterpart? The two locations are already thematic opposites of sorts: Stone is a place of light, warmth, and stability; the Horizon, one of darkness, cold, and mystery. Stone even seems to have a call of its own (e.g. the pilgrimage from Varchas in Sunless Sea), to match the strange allure of the Horizon felt by seekers of forgiveness and Seekers of… other things.

if i’m remembering correctly, the Presbyterate and that continent are located right around Stone. Its their proximity to stone that allows them to live even longer than people at the Khanate or London. At the same time apparently it makes it easier to die as well.

Have you ever tried finding a gap in the northern ice and sailing through it, off the map? It contributes a little to the Avid Horizon’s mystery.

To some degree, perhaps. &quotWe will go South before we go North, but we will go North.&quot

This map says that Stone is located at the equator. https://www.reddit.com/r/sunlesssea/comments/64ruhq/the_size_of_the_neath/

We don’t really know where Stone is in relation to the SSea map, since it includes barely any of the Elder Continent. I wouldn’t trust too heavily in static maps though in general. The Neath suffers from the Treachery of Maps, after all.

Wait a second. Aestival is exposed to the sun, and what makes the cavern move is the absence of light and law. So, would that mean Aestival is static, and the rest of the cavern is moving around it?

Sailing NORTH:

The unterzee has no northern shore. Space is forbidden. Time contracts to a single frozen instant. There is only one way North.

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Wait. How the hell is the hole in the roof moving around?[li]

I vote we write Aestival’s movement off as non-canon and purely gameplay-based and never think about it again. You know, like the utterly unexplainable difference in prices between Sunless Sea and Fallen London.[/li][li]
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No, there’s a perfectly simple and logical explanation for that. Every time one of your captains dies, another Seal of the Red Science crashes through the roof directly over wherever Aestival feels like being this time. It’s how each captain can find the components to make another Memento Mori, regardless of what happened to the others. (Alternatively, there’s actually four different holes in the roof over Aestival’s four possible locations. There’s no sun over the other three tiles in that tileset because of Reasons.)

Differences in prices like which things?
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Where there’s Aestival, there’s sunlight. The Red Science passed straight from the High Wilderness to the Neath without ever being present on Earth’s Surface, which is how there’s a hole in the Neath-roof at Aestival but still only one path to the Neath from the Surface, at the Cumaean Canal. The Red Science can not only go from point A to point B without traveling along the intervening path, bit it can travel along that path without ever existing at any discrete point on the path. The Red Science doesn’t give a flaming s__t about the Judgements’ laws.

As for commodity pricing differences, it’s because zee-captains are constantly ripped off by London’s merchants and vice-versa. Some of them (like Moon-Pearls) are also probably differences in quantity.
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That’s why we call it The Rad Science.