On Salt Weasels and Popular Songs

Here’s a question: are Salt Weasels immune to Plagued by a Popular Song, or are they as likely to go pop as any other weasel? I finally picked up a Salt Weasel from Ladybones Road just now, and though my Plagued menace isn’t that high, I’d rather not lose him doing something foolish.

Unless something has changed most recently, I don’t believe they do. As salt weasels originate from the Pale Wastes, they’re rather naive, and don’t quite realize that they are supposed to burst into bits upon hearing a certain song.

My Salt Weasel is the only weasel I have left, though I admit this is not conclusive because I was grinding SMEN and not paying particular attention to the messages.

I tried it personally a little while ago, so unless those sneaky Failbetter folks have merely been lulling us into a false sense of security, your weasel should be fine.

Note that weasels cost only 0.4 echoes on the bazaar, in case you want insurance for popping weasels.