On Patronage and Influence

I understand that adding a normal acquaintance counts as one person and a protege counts as seven toward the total influence tally. I have had some of my proteges expand past the benefit of my tutelage and my patronage has officially been withdrawn, but they are still counting as seven each, which means soon I won’t be able to add any new acquaintances. Is this on purpose for some reason or a bug?[li]

Sounds like a bug to me.

Thanks, Sara. I’ll send a bug report email then.

[color=#C2B280]Yes, please do. I’ve taken a look at the patronage social acts and they at least appear to be in order, so whatever details you’re able to provide would be helpful.[/color]

Of course, in the grand tradition of complaining about something only to have it resolve itself moments later, the last students I withdrew my patronage from worked just fine, and the message afterward clearly said: You’ve lost 7 x Influence (new total 84 - the Centre of the Web). Hooray!