On my experience of profs & becoming a Glassman...

(TL : DR = I became a Glassman. I will never look at rivers the same way.)

I began playing a bit over a year ago, and decided my character was going to be a novelist of some kind. I was unspecific as to whether he was going to be the kind who would live in a townhouse and sit at a desk facing the street outside, or the kind who would go exploring and take notes as he went along. But a novelist, nonetheless.

Soon after I played, I found that Author was an available Profession, so rushed to become a Journalist and advance to being an Author.
I’ve had that profession for quite some time. I had initially intended to become a Correspondent - largely because it seemed interesting, and my initial impressions of Correspondence Sigils reminded me of the Glyphs from Thief 3… albeit with a greater level of fire hazard.

Over time, I proceeded through the University stuff, but didn’t maintain an interest in the Correspondence. I’m sure there’s great lore behind it and what it’s capable of, but as yet I haven’t reached that point. I have noticed it’s on the outside of the upper levels of a certain building, but I’m not yet aware of its function. (No spoilers please! I’d like to encounter these things firsthand myself, when the time comes.)
So anyway, I decided I wasn’t going to be a Correspondent after all, and it was time to pick a new Profession.

After much careful consideration, I decided that the mirror stuff was interesting. (A couple of Exceptional / Fate-locked stories only increased my interest; and I did, of course, turn around while they were eating at the table. Totally worth it.) So I set off to become a Glassman.
I had the right cards saved up for a bit, gathered the connections and prerequisites, became a Mystic, and then with a 54% chance of success, failed the storylet, twice. It happens. No big deal.
Today, I drew the card again and made the attempt. Success!

And I sat down to read… Cool, so I got in just fine. Began my expedition. Kept a distance from the river. All good there… The Writhing River - IT WHAT??? :o
It had never occurred to me, that the river might be THAT. I just assumed it was like how the Stolen River is to the Thames. But if Parabola Linen is harvested from flax along the banks of… Welp. casually backflips away in terror o.O

I do not regret this decision at all, because I wasn’t expecting that and it was BRILLIANT. But that suddenly became way more terrifying than I expected it would. :-p

(Love your work, FBG! :heart: )
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I became a Glassman and hadn’t noticed in the storylet anything odd… Re-read the echo again. what did I miss that cause you to back away in terror? Feeling kinda thickheaded right now…

I love being a Glassman and the thought of getting too close to the Writhing River when we finally get to establish our Parabolan Base camps sends a shiver down my spine. The world beyond the Glass - I look forward to discovering more of your mysteries.

What does it say is the river’s source? What is it made of?

(I didn’t know this before that’s TERRIFYING. Anyone have links to the other tier four profession text? I’m a Correspondent so I might be able to find where I echoed that.)
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I don’t get it… I feel dumb lol. Can someone PM me/put in a spoiler what it ACTUALLY is?

Living Venomous snakes


&quotOne adder at a time&quot. Second language, did not focus on the adder…

I guess it’s like a joke. If you have to explain it to someone else it becomes less funny.

Also the Writhing from the name, the hissing, the poison clouds, and the ability to climb up terrain too. Though those are all much easier to notice after knowing its true nature, of course.

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The failure is pretty terrifying too. Also gives you a different impression of how tough/foolhardy those blasé cats are, as some of them like to go bathing in the river to get high off the venom.

You know, at this point, I’ve seen so much sh*t in Fallen London that a

river made of living snakes

doesn’t even apply for the Top 10 of weirdest stuff.

What Kolanowski said. Yeah, I’ve seen some messed-up Mr. Eaten crap on the wiki (failing “Evade them!” and all the Reputation: Abomination stuff comes to mind) so that wasn’t particularly shocking to me!

Hopefully someday I’ll encounter the SMEN content, but I began playing after it had been closed off to players.

I managed to find a few echoes from the Nightmare Carnival on someone’s profile a while back. They were… quite something.